Programs at St. Joseph School

In addition to excellent academics, St. Joseph School provides enrichment programs to further our mission to develop the full potential of the children entrusted to us.


Our enrichment art program, combines visual and performing religious arts. Ms. Anne Mary Wing (Art teacher). has given our students the ability to look at art and see what the artist is trying to convey. She gives our students the opportunity to use a variety of art materials and experience true art while challenging their creativity and enjoying self-expression.

Our students consistently win awards at the annual CYO Art contest. Their artwork has been regularly chosen for the cover of the annual Christmas insert in the Millbrook Roundtable and has adorned the annual Millbrook "New Year's Eve" Button. Their work also consistently appeared in "The Treasure Chest," a local art magazine that showcased the best student art in Dutchess County.


A St. Joseph School Drama production is not to be missed! Under the direction of Miss Jean Michetti and Mrs. Kelley Deguisto, our drama club students in grade 5-8 begin rehearsing in November. Some recent productions have included: Charlotte's Web, The Wizard of Oz, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, and this year the 2011 production is Peter Pan. Ms. Anne Wing, our art teacher, produces much of the scenery along with the help of Mr. jason Sartori and several parents. Our younger children participate in the choreographed introduction under the direction of Mrs. Lorraine Leitmann. Science Lab

Ou science lab, a donation of a parishioner allows our students to use the latest equipment to perform the different experiments that our Advanced Science curriculum offers.

Physical Education

Our K-8 students have gym once a week. We offer different activities throughout the year. We recently received a donation of a ping pong table which is incorporated into the phys ed classes. Our beautiful campus ofers ample geen space for outdoor gym classes. Our gym teacher, Mrs.Mary Calabrese, also coordinates an annual field day at the end of each year. That, along with a water slide provides for a fun filled day.

St. Joseph School participates in CYO basketball. Practice takes place in the school gym several evenings per week and open to both boys and girls in grades 5-8. Registration is in the fall. If you are interested in joining CYO basketball please contact Mrs. Kirsten Rappleyea at Music and Band

Mrs. Martha Belardo, our music teacher par excellence, brings a new level of music appreciation to our students. The National Music Standards and the Archdiocesan Music Learning Essentials are incorporated at each grade level. Mrs. Belardo also teaches recorder to our 2nd and 3rd grade students. All students participate in the Christmas and Spring concerts wihic are amazing productions.

Under the direction of Mr. Dominic Cuccia from the Paul Effman music school, students in grades 3-8 can join band which meets weekly. Each year some of these students qualify for the Mid Hudson Valley Catholic School Honor Band Concert held annually at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School in Poughkeepsie. Our band performs at both our Christmas and Spring concerts. Hats off these budding muscians.

New: now offering piano and violin lessons!

Computer Lab

Use of technology in grades 1-8 has evolved through the years. Please see the fact sheet, Key Technology Areas, for more info on how technology is integrated into our classrooms.

In the last ten years there have been many changes to our school technology program. The participation by our teachers in the New York State Technology Learning Grant enabled us to begin a further journey into the age of computers. This $5 Million grant, spread over 3 years, educated our grade 1-4 teachers in using Smart Boards, scanners, printers and learning such programs such as Power Point and Microsoft Publisher. It also enable us to procure some additional technology for use in our classrooms.

The Smart Board was introduced in our 2nd grade class and provided students with a new outlook on learning, stimulating an increased interest in math, science and reading. Showing them how to make a Power Point for Back-to-School Night was a highlight of the year.

Volunteer parents began assembling a computer lab to be used regularly by all students. The IBM matching grant donations from our generous IBM parents has proven to be a wonderful way to accumulate quality computers. We now have 12 state of the art computers in our lab and at least 2-3 computers per classroom. We are served by Power to Learn through Cablevision and Discovery Streaming for all grades. Enrichment Programs Math & Physics Exploration

St. Joseph School has partnered with Dr. Irwin Miller, to offer students in grades 1-5 a fun, easy to learn, and useful way of learning math. If you want to learn more about the different techniques and exercises used in the classroom, visit:

Chess Club

Our chess club began 6 years ago with Mrs. Fegan as moderator. The club meets from September through May on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:00. We are members of the U.S. Chess Federation and use the official game pieces. Each week 15-20 children, in grades pre k though 8, join us for this "game of kings".

This year we introduced "Millennium Chess," invented by Hudson Valley resident Bruce Gustin. It is a double chess board played with two sets of chess pieces. Mr. Gustin visited our school to show the children how this 'new game' is played.

Hip Hop

Returning this year! Our popular dance program is brought to our school by the NY Dance Residency with the talented Mr. Edwin Fion as our instructor. Click on "NY Dance Residency" to visit the website and learn more about it.

Scrabble Club

New to St Joseph this year! It is held after school on Thursdays.

School Newspaper

Last year brought the first issue of the "St. Joseph Journal". The bi-annual publication showcases the writing of all grades. We also spotlight student artwork. Our 7th grade students serve as the editors. The computer classes type the articles, and the editorial staff pastes up the storyboards before submitting to our publisher, the Lakeville Journal in Lakeville, CT.

The students learn teamwork and a valuable educational skill of organizing information. The students also take a field trip to the printing facility to see how the papers are printed and bound for distribution. Mrs. Fegan and Mr. Stanford are the advisors.

Art Club

Ms. Anne Wing, our art teacher holds Art Club several times during the school year. Under her direction the children use a variety of materials for their projects including: clay, paper mache, craypas, paint and charcoal.


Boys and girls in grades 3-8 are eligible to participate in our school basketball program. Under the direction of Mrs. Eileen Bishop, a CYO coach for 25 years, our younger children have the opportunity to practice becoming stronger players. Mr. Tom Cunningham coaches the older students, many of which also belong to the St. Joseph CYO team.


New this year is our Spring Soccer Program! We look forward to offering it in the Fall as well.

Other Resources

ADAPP Counselor Available
Student Council for grades 5-8
Supervised Study Hall for grades 5-8
3 & 4 year old Preschool

The class has both a teacher and a teacher's assistant. Our Pre-K class begins the formal education process by introducing students to the fundamentals of social decorum and giving them the tools they need to start their academic careers. Students work together within different skill centers as they use hands on experiences to explore reading, math, and science concepts and practice fine motor skills.

Our low teacher-to-student ratio allows our teachers to carefully monitor each child's progress and provide appropriate guidance or intervention. In accordance with the mission of the school, Pre-K children practice prayers such as grace before snack, the Lord's Prayer, and spontaneous prayers for others. They listen to and participate in Bible stories and explore God's world in nature. In addition, children learn social skills in the context of the expectations Jesus would have for His children.

At St. Joseph Catholic School, we believe in nurturing the whole child. A child's early education experience greatly affects how s/he will approach learning and overall achievement during his/her life. As with all students, we strive to inspire our 4-year olds with a lifelong love of learning while building character with a strong moral foundation. Lower Grades K-4

Lower School at St. Joseph Catholic School encompasses kindergarten through 4th grade. These grades primarily are self-contained classrooms. The academic subjects of art, music, physical education and technology are instructed by specialized teachers. Lower School Program follows arch Learning Essentials and NY State Standards

Teachers use the Archdiocese of New York approved "Essential Learnings" to develop their individual class' curriculum. Learning objectives for each grade level are then carefully developed within the guidance provided by the Learning Essentials. This process provides teachers flexibility in developing a learning program geared to the ability levels of their students in a given year. I.T.B.S. standardized test scores indicates this is a successful approach to curriculum development and implementation. Upper Grades 5-8

Upper School at St. Joseph Catholic School encompasses grades 5-8. Subjects are taught in a departmentalized system. Students are provided a diverse curriculum which uses the Archdiocese of New York "Essential Learning" for overall guidance. Upper School Program follows arch Learning Essentials and NY State Standards

Learning objectives are set based on the Essential Learning and the assessment provided by each Upper School teacher. The I.T.B.S. standardized test scores indicate this is a successful approach to the St. Joseph School curriculum development and implementation.

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